Nyco Chocolates


The box just wouldn’t be complete without these hand grenades of chocolately pleasure!


During the 1970s, when most young women were nurses or secretaries, Lenora Nysse decided to break the mould by going into business making chocolate.

It all started in the small Wairarapa town of Featherston when Dutch-born Karel Nysse brought his kiwi wife Lenora some chocolates. During the journey home, the chocolates melted. Lenora remarked that it would be nice to make her own chocolates. Later, when Karel was on a business trip to Europe, he came across some chocolate moulds which he bought for her. Little did he know that this would mark the birth of Nyco Chocolates Limited, established in 1981.

It wasn’t long before demands for Lenora’s chocolates outgrew what she could produce from the family home so the business was moved into a small shop. Karel became the company advisor.

1985, Steven, Lenora’s son, returned from overseas where he worked managing hotels and joined his mother in the chocolate business.

Steve started selling the chocolate throughout New Zealand and sales quickly grew. Over a four year period sales went from $50,000 to 1.2 million and the factory grew and spread over three different buildings.

In 1992 , Steve decided to relocate the chocolate factory into a new building in Paraparaumu; on the Kapiti Coast.

After relocating Nyco Chocolates, Steve also developed a chocolate retail shop and tour facility which attracts many 1,000 of visitors every year.

Today, Nyco Chocolates manufactures chocolates for well-known domestic brands and also exports its chocolate products to Japan, Singapore, Australia, Middle East and Pacific Islands.

The company specialises in Private label chocolates, Tourist boxed chocolates, and a wide range of chocolate inclusions for the Ice Cream and Baking industries.

Nyco supplies Chocolate for Kapiti in a Box