February 24


Kapiti Kitchen

Kapiti Kitchen about us

100% natural Lemon and Ginger. A Blend of juiced and hand pressed lemons with freshly pressed green ginger juice.  Soothing and stimulating.  Great with hot water, sparkling soda or a splash of vodka and crushed leaf of mint.  300 ml. makes 2 litres

Now available in a Kapiti in a Box

What makes us, us.

My journey into the world of concocting luscious natural fruit syrups all began with a humble lemonade stand at the children’s school fair. It was after rave reviews and a moment of madness that I realised I had something pretty special going on. And so a school fair suddenly became a family affair as I devoted my home to brewing, bottling and bringing mouth-watering elixirs to the world.

After our first sales success in 2005, the creative juices really began flowing. Ginger joined the family, followed by daring concoctions and unique ingredients such as rhubarb, elderflower, manuka honey and tamarillo. 150 recipes later and we have a stunning range of creative combinations that we are truly proud of.

Our aim is simple – to create delicious, natural syrups which are great value. Craft and care go into every bottle, every step of the way. We do our own squeezing, blending, juicing and zesting. Why? Because we can taste the difference and believe you will too. Plus you’ll love our simple New Zealand made bottles, it keeps things local and we figure people prefer to pay for what’s in


As Kapiti Kitchen grows, we are forever experimenting and creating out-of-the-ordinary combinations. If you have any flavour ideas that you’d like us to try, then we’d truly love to hear from you. It’s been quite a journey getting here, so please kick back, try them all and enjoy your own journey to finding your favourite.

Cordial Designer, Bottle Washer and Mum of three

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