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February 24

Kapiti Kitchen

100% natural Lemon and Ginger. A Blend of juiced and hand pressed lemons with freshly pressed green ginger juice.  Soothing and stimulating.  Great with hot water, sparkling soda or a splash of vodka and crushed leaf of mint.  300 ml. makes 2 litres Now available in a Kapiti in a Box What makes us, us. […]

July 04

Hon Judith Collins with her Kapiti in a Box!

June 21

Nyco Chocolates

The box just wouldn’t be complete without these hand grenades of chocolately pleasure!   During the 1970s, when most young women were nurses or secretaries, Lenora Nysse decided to break the mould by going into business making chocolate. It all started in the small Wairarapa town of Featherston when Dutch-born Karel Nysse brought his kiwi wife Lenora some […]

June 21

Divine KapiTea – included in a Kapiti in a Box

Divine KapiTea started off as Divine Secrets in 2009, originally a small home run tea business based in Porirua, Wellington. The business was run by Ray and Aymie David. Ray is a local lad from Titahi Bay and his wife Aymie is a Singaporean who has now made New Zealand her new home. Having been […]

June 19

Kapiti Candies

 Kapiti Candies is a New Zealand family owned and operated business that has been manufacturing confectionery for many years. Bruce and Helen Mackenzie purchased Kapiti Candies in 2008 and are very proud owners of a business that is continuing to grow. Stepping into our shop is like taking a step back in time. Childhood memories […]

June 19

Awesome Kapiti Olive Oil – available in Kapiti in a Box

There are a number of reasons Firstly our climate is ideal. The Kapiti Coast has a cool maritime climate with warm summer days of around 24 degrees, but cool nights of around 10 – 12 degrees. This creates enough stress on the trees to ensure they produce robust fruit that is packed full of flavours. […]

June 18

RJ’s Licorice – now avaliable in a Kapiti in a Box

What RJs know about licorice that you didn’t! Licorice Facts – The liquorice plant is a perennial herb belonging to the pea family.- The word ‘Liquorice’ comes from the Greek meaning of ‘Sweet Root’. – There are 20 different species that grow in Europe and Asia, Australia, England and North and South America. England is […]